SEO for dummies – What is SEO?

Why should you work with search engine optimization for Google?

Do you want to be more visible on the web? SEO or Search Engine Optimization improves website’s natural rankings, which means that those who are looking for your services will easier find you. Unlike paid ads you do not pay anything for the result, which means search engine optimization is an investment rather than a cost.

Search Engine Optimization is one of the most vital aspect of obtaining a higher page rank even today after Google’s new ranking algorithm Rankbrain has been introduced. Most website owners/administrators either hire Search Engine Optimization professionals or do it themselves. SEO has actually become so common that it appears that every person from a web content writer to a visuals designer recognizes how to work on Search Engine Optimization and how it could influence the general ranking of your web site on Google or second search engines.

When you see the results of search engine optimization?

If you have a new web site that is competing in a market with modest competition then an excellent ranking in 6 months is possible but the very same time frame will not be possible in a high competition market. You rarely see the results immediately and often it takes several months before the site has been strengthened and getting better positions. Start with search engine optimization today – the longer you wait the harder it will be to rank for the specific keywords you want to appear on. Do you want a quick result then you should invest in Adwords instead – but then you also reckon with higher costs.

To improve the customer experience and deliver good SEO takes time, knowledge and hard work as it is about building websites with quality based on user needs. 

Working strategically with search engine optimization means that we not only optimizes the website but has a long-term perspective to ensure that you can compete effectively.

What are the most important ranking factors?

2016 is the most important factors for getting a top position on Google content, external links and how their algorithm Rank Brain ranks the website. Google said their algorithm Rankbrain account for 30% of all searches.

Great search engine optimization increases turnover

Search engine optimization creates business advantage and profitability, and how we choose to optimize websites depends on the company’s business objectives, target audiences and customers’ purchasing processes. Our approach often involves business development. Through effective search engine optimization, you get more visitors to your site but you are mainly looking for converting clients.

SEO optimized website has the following advantages

  • With an effective SEO strategy, you can get more leads and grow your business. Search engine optimization allows you to take market sand panels and gives you more leads and customers
  • Search engine optimization is cost-effective, cheaper and longer term than advertising with Google with Adwords where you always have to beetala
  • Search Engine Optimization learn more about the customer and their needs
  • Search engine optimization will increase your company’s visibility on the Internet
  • Search engine optimization gives you more traffic to the website
  • Search engine optimization means that your Adwords campaigns can be more effective and then landing pages more efficient reach better results for the same budget.
  • Search Engine Optimization is integrated with social media so your information is shared more and get greater distribution

Search engine optimization means less cost for each new customer generated because since you do not pay any advertising cost. Do not forget that you are visible in search engines 24 hours/day so it helps you in other media channels like TV advertising, Adwords, radio advertising, social media, mobile.