SEO in the Nordic Market

SEO and Search Engine Optimization in the Nordic Market. Everything You Need In One Place

The Nordic market is heterogeneousand consists of Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Iceland and the three autonomous territories the Faroe Islands, Greenland and Åland together have more than 26 million inhabitants. Today the business region often include the Baltic States. The population in the Nordic countries has increased by more than 3 million people since 1990.

You will find the larger cities in the capitals like Copenhagen, Stockholm, Oslo, Riga and Vilnius. Stockholm is the largest city with 2.1 million, followed by Copenhagen and Oslo, both of which have 1.2 million. Helsinki has around one million inhabitants. Reykjavík with its 200 000 inhabitants, however, the strongest growth of all the capitals

Looking For Help With Search Engine Optimization in the Nordic region?

Off site optimization
Off-site optimization work to a certain extent across borders in the Nordic countries. We have over the years observed links from Finland and Norway has worked on the Swedish market however link power tend to work best within the TLD area such as .se for Sweden, .dk for Denmark, .fi Finland etc.

Onsite optimization for the Nordic countries
Although several of the languages are closely related, they require different translations for targeting group. In Finland, you will find a small group who speak Swedish, and you will also find a small group who speak Finnish in Sweden. It is necessary to build and design for the respective local market and do keywork reasearch for each language.

On-page SEO – Create unique and brand new content!
On-page SEO work will refer to any work that is done on Website optimization. However, the kind of work produced on the page is specific and unique to that website. The search engines, like Google, favor specific things on the pages of every website. Some of those things include:

  • Title tags
  • Meta descriptions
  • ALT tags
  • Headings like H1 tags and H2 tags
  • Url-friendly links

The above are essential examples of on-page tactics that can have the ability positively to enhance the ranking of your website. Content writers must also work closely with SEO experts in making sure that certain keywords appear on the pages of a business site  a certain amount of times and beginning of the text.

Keyword Research
The most important thing when it comes to the SEO on your site is going to pick the right keywords. The keywords are words that people are going to be using when they are looking up something on the web. In fact, each time that you search for something in your favorite search engine, you add keywords to help you get what you are looking for.

You must think like your target audience. What are the words that they are going to be using to look up what you have to offer? Choose targeted keywords, and don’t only choose the most common keywords. If you have only the common keywords on your site, you run the risk of disappearing among all of the other sites that are using them.

Technical infrastructure
To find the best web hosting and ISP for your service, Do you want SSL certificates or a CDN?