What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) includes various methods and techniques to optimize your website and to get the site search engine friendly and appear high in the search results and drive more visitors to a website. Search engine optimization methods increases your chances of being placed well in above all Google searches and thus you get more visitors and trafic to your site.

What many people forget is that SEO is also is used in other searches like speech, image and other online services like Bing, Twitter, DuckDuckGo, Youtube and Linkedin since they all have different rules for ranking. In other parts of the world optimization takes place among other them Russian Yandex or Chinese Baidu.

Types of search engine optimization
There is a difference between search engine optimization black and white hat approaches where blackhat methods are not approved by Google and often has a risk of getting into different Google filters like Google Panda and Google Penguine filter.

Elements in Search engine optimization techniques

Search Engine Optimization and content marketing complement each other and while content marketing is focusing on content an SEO perspective often look at the following aspects.

Keyword analysis
Search engine optimization and keywords: Search behaviour and intent is key to find out which searches your site should be visible to. This is done with a keyword analysis.

On page Optimization
On page optimization includes to look at titles, metadata, headlines and body text.

On site Optimization
On site is questions regarding the entire site and not just for individual pages.

Link building
External links and referal that goes to your website. Link with trust give your website trust and drive trafic.

Search engine optimization and artificial intelligence There are different ranking factors that help a website rank and Google also has a ranking AI-algoritm called rankbrain.