What is Content marketing?

Content marketing is a digital marketing strategy based on Search Engine Optimization where websites’ contents  are used to attract consumers and encourage purchases of a company’s services or products.

Compared to traditional marketing methods in which  services and products are promoted by merchandising, content marketing focuses primarily on giving relevant information to potential customers, which increases their understanding of the product or service increasing sales and business opportunities.

Reaching out to customers by this means has become far more crucial for the purchasing process and intense work to favor their companies when consumers are searching for information is being far more prioritized by marketing divisions worldwide.

Editorial content and measureabillity

Writing editorial content gives rise to a number of ethical questions akin to those who stem from product placement. From a consumer perspective it is of utmost importance that the information is relevant, legitimate, factual and not perceived as a form of commericial. Nations have usually laws to prevent misuse of information, for instance, in Sweden there is ‘marknadsföringslagen’ which regulates improper marketing such as deliberate deception.

Quantification of your contents’ qualities and efficiency is made easy through application of tools you may have at your disposal, such as Google Analytics. Reading different measureable reports and trends concerning your contents is the very foundation of SEO, it is therefore only natural and quintessential that during utilization of content marketing to continuously strive for improving your content.


Content is king!

In need of an informative and lucrative website?

If your intention is to bring several visitors to your website, you will need to research search volumes and plan accordingly. Examination of your targeted demographics and the relevant search volumes  prior to creating your content increases your efficiency considerably, broadens your targeted demographics as well as the probability of obtaining more visitors.

What standards should you impose on your content?

The primary rule is that the information should be specifically created for your targeted demographics and informative. However, it should also be easily dispersible as fast as possible if needed. Naturally, the contents should be gramatically correct while providing some degree of entertainment for the readers.

In terms of using your websites for business between consumer and company, the international standard is to use links which redirects the consumer to a specifically designed page which stresses immediate action from the consumer’s behalf. An alternative to this is usually found in nordic countries, nordics are in general less aggressive in terms of merchandising which in turn reflects their SEO-strategy- whether or not either strategy is more successful is heavily dependant on targeted demographics and context. The key point is to illustrate that cultural differences exist even in SEO, understanding these factors and underlying digital trends may provide partially towards a positive outcome.

Content Marketing Made Simple: Start with the Content Plan

From words to action – building editorial content from your content strategy

To revise a new content plan, or resume from current content?

We analyze your current site’s content. Based on the analysis, we will devise a content plan regarding the pages that have the possibility of acquiring more organic traffic and the pages that are in need of improvement.


We will continuously give you reports regarding your content so we can direct our efforts to improve it.

Checklist and questions for your company
A content marketing strategy is based on what users search for on the internet.

  • What are people searching for in your niche?
  • What keywords are important to reach your customers?
  • Are your texts entertaining and interesting?
  • Is there a particular customer circle that is especially important to reach(for example b2b)?
  • How many search words have you missed in your niche?
  • Are there any trends concerning your search words?
  • Are your competitioners using search words with high search volume that you do not possess?
  • Is your website working to promote sales?
  • Are your texts optimized for search engines?
  • Do the texts reflect your brand?
  • How do I create pages that not only attract visitors but also keep them?